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The major focus of the proposed Encyclopedia will be on events that led to the War of Liberation beginning from the Declaration of Independence on March 26, 1971 till the end of the War with the surrender of the Pakistan occupation army on 16 December 1971. The entries will include the Mujibnagar Government and its leadership (both civil and military), sector and sub-sector commanders, training camps of the freedom fighters, various resistance forces and their encounters with the occupation army inside the country, guerrilla operations, major events in the war field and heroic battles. Entries will also be on gallantry awardee fighters, leading personalities, organizations and bodies helping the cause, role of international communities and heads of the states/governments  especially that of the Government of India and of the Indian armed forces, foreign media, members of Parliament, non-government organizations, etc. The entries will also cover the civil and military personnel of the Pakistan occupation army and their local collaborators, their genocidal acts, sites of mass killing and mass graves, surrender of the Pakistan army, return of the Father of the Nation to liberated Bangladesh from captivity in Pakistan and formal recognition of new-born Bangladesh state by various countries of the world. The Encyclopedia will also  include entries on events serving as a prelude to the War of Liberation, such as, Language Movement of 1948 and 1952, the 1954 elections, Six points and Eleven points movements, Agartala Case 1968, Mass upsurge 1969, 1970 elections, the historic 7th March Address of Bangabandhu, Non-cooperation Movement ranging from March 2 to March 25, 1971. The entries will be based on extensive field survey and on published as well as archival materials.

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